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We do not pretend to be an estate agent or a letting agent

We do not sell houses we only advertise them on your behalf, its up to you to sell the houses

What we do offer are two easy ways to advertise your property

You can either advertise your villa or apartment on our main web site, where you do all the work of preparing your advert or we can place an advert on this web site for a nominal fee

We even offer you free picture hosting in an online gallery to help you advertise your property

Or if you choose to advertise on this web site, we will make an individual web page for your property and give you a choice of having your email and contact details for people to contact you directly or we can pass on your details to any requests for further information

We don’t offer much apart from over thirty different web sites covering all forms of life and hobbies in Spain to bring people to one central area. Don’t be put off by the standard of some of our web sites, these are all being brought up to a high standard and we are continually working on more ways of being found on the internet

Our theory is simple. Some one can be looking at properties in one area and not realise about the properties on offer in another area. By getting adverts from all the areas in one place, you can increase the people looking at your advert. Ask your self, how many times have you gone into a shop looking to buy one item and walked out with another

We do not make promises we can not and will not keep

If you want to know how many web sites we are behind, look at the links at the bottom of each page

Every one is one, is one of ours. By doing this we keep on top of who we link to and we can increase the ways of people finding your advert, along with growing at our own pace and increase the more popular ways of people finding you